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Oral contraceptives in Denmark
HRT in Denmark
Hysterectomies in Denmark 1996-2007
Conceptions in Denmark 1998-2007
Ectopic pregnancies in Denmark 1995-2007
Endometrial resections in Denmark 1996-2007
Sterilisation in Denmark 1996-2007
8  Data on quality in Danish Reproductive Gynaecology: Link to

Fertility among women

Oral contraceptives in Denmark
1.1  Sale of oral contraceptives in DDD/100/day in Denmark  2001
        Included: ATC codes G03A.


2a  HRT in Denmark

2.1  HRT sale in Denmark 2002 in DDD per 1,000 women per day.

Source: Danish Sex Hormone Register Study (DaHoRS).
1) Progestagens sold after age 50 are taken together with sold oestrogen
2) The duration of levonova is on average 3 years, and after 50 years taken together with oestrogen
3) Levonova before age 50 are not used together with oestrogen tablets.

2.2  HRT sale in Denmark 2004 in DDD per 1,000 women per day.

Same anticipations as in 2.1

Hysterectomies in Denmark

3.1 Hysterectomies in Denmark 1996-2007. N=62,187

Source: National Register of Patients (Landspatientregisteret)

3.2   Main indication for hysterectomies on benign indication in Denmark 1996-2007. N=.62,187

Source: National Register of Patients. (Landspatientregistere

About quality and complications: See

Conceptions in Denmark 1998-2003

4.1  Conceptions in Denmark 1998-2007

Source: National Register of Patients (NRP) and National Board of Health

4.2  Conceptions in Denmark 1996-2007 (semilogarithmic blocks)
        (same data as 4.1)

Ectopic pregnances in Denmark

5.1  Ectopic pregnancies in Denmark 1995-2007.  N=16,653

Source: National Register of Patients (NRP) (landspatientregisteret)

Endometrial resections in Denmark

6.1  Endometrial ablations in Denmark 1996-2007. N=18,039

Source: National register of Patients (NRP) (landspatientregisteret)

Sterilisation in Denmark

7.1  Female sterilisations in Denmark 1996-2007 (All departments, N=58,240)

Source: National Register of Patients (NRP) (landspatientregisteret)

9  Fertility in women

9.1  Fecundity rate among women according to age
       Figure indicates the chance in % of delivering a baby per cycle

Anticipation: At least two intercourses per week. The figures indicate the chance of being
pregnant minus the risk of spontaneous abortion = chance of delivering a baby.